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    Shanghai Dongmei Chemical Co.,Ltd is providing you with a good development opportunity & position to show us your ability according to our principle of "Persistant Business and Joint Prosperity.Our company is longing for the professional members of society with good knowledge and competence to join us for joint development and progress!


    Occupation in marketing department

    1. Sales representive(working in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province)
    2. the male : aged less than 35, college degree or above, majored in dyeing ,printing and finishing or chemistry .
    3. strong interpersonal and communication skills & individual work ability
    4. initiative and passion, endure hardship and work hard
    5. residence in Jia ding district ,shanghai is preferred .
    1. Technical service engineer (working in Shanghai)
    2. the male: age less than 40,college degree or above,majored in dyeing,printing and finishing.
    3. over 5 years experience of working in printing and dyeing factory , familiar to printing process, strong instruction ability in workshop, good at communication with technicians responsible for production.
    4. endure hardship and work hard, frequent business trips.

    4)  residence in Jia Ding district ,Shanghai is preferred.

    1. Engineer in R & D of dyestuff (working in Shanghai)
    2. majored in fine chemical, organic chemical, textile chemical & dyes synthesis or relating major , college degree or above.
    3. experience of working in dyes synthesis and purification,skillful at operating various lab apparatus , strong analysis and solution ability ,individual research and development , project completion

    3)have good professional English , skillful at reading and searching professional English materials.
    4)  work carefully and meticulously , understand importance of enterprise’s value in R & D of new project , full of strong responsibility, sense of innovation and professional delication .
    5)  working experience in Phthalocyanine series chemical synthesis is preferred.

    1. Tester in lab-test and experiment (working in Shanghai)

    1)  must have working experience in dyes testing , analysis and experiment for better before or after sales service.Recruiters having experience of working in dyes manufacture plant are preferred.
    2)  skillful at operation of such apparatuses as dyeing and printing machine, computer's measuring and matching color system , UV colourmeasurement, Computer titration match colors, chemical analysis apparatus and so on .
    3)  individual working ability , standard testing experience in dyes manufacture plant , familiar to dyes testing ,analysis, dyeing and printing application .
    4)  recruiters working in dyes manufacture plant or printing and dyeing factory are preferred.
    5)  paid-off employees from printing and dyeing factories are preferred .

    Contact :
    Recruiters send us the resume for job application according to the following address:
    Shanghai dongmei chemical co.,Ltd
    ADD: NO.55 JIA, Chenbao Road, Malu Town ,Jiading Distrct, Shanghai, China
    TEL: 021-62761029*28
    FAX: 021-62761078
    E-mail: hr@dongmei.net
    Post Code: 201801

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